Do you need a second photographer?

So… You’ve booked your venue, secured your date with your suppliers, booked your photographer and you may have seen or heard the phrase “second photographer” or “second shooter”.
But do you need one?

Although I wouldn’t say you NEED one, I strongly recommend speaking to myself (or your chosen photographer) about adding one on to your package. Of course these come as an additional expense, but they are so worth while.

Let me explain why….

Church Weddings

For photographers, not only in North Wales but especially for city centre photographers, church weddings can be a logistical nightmare.
So you’re getting ready at home, and your photographer needs to get to church before you. This means you need to be ready, do any reveals you wish to do before your photographer leaves.

Your photographer is likely to be the last person to arrive at church (before you), meaning parking has become very limitied. They may have to park a good distance away and then still try and make it church before you arrive. Also it’s unlikely your photographer would be able to get any pictures of guests arriving at church.

A second shooter could arrive at church earlier. They could capture guests arriving and your partners bridal/groom party and be there as a contigency, just incase your lead photographer has issues parking or arriving before you. And then there’s the advantage of another angle. One photographer shooting from the front of the church and the other capturing from the back.

Do I need a second photographer
Do I need a second photographer

You want pictures of both of you in the morning

Again… This is all about time and logistics. If you are both getting ready in the grounds of the same venue, then it may be possible.  But not always. A brides hair and makeup artist maybe applying the touches whilst her partner is also getting ready at the same time. 

If your partner is getting ready at a different location and you want prep shots, you defenitly need a second shooter. If they are getting ready at the same location, I would still recommend one. You would have one photographer with yourself, and another with your partner. All morning. So not only getting the prep shots, but also getting the laughs, the nerves, the cheers and the good luck hugs.

Second Shooter
Second Shooter

A big bonus! Whilst the main photographer is off doing your family photos, the second shooter would be milling around the guests, likely stealing a canape or 2, and snapping those candid moments which you crave!

Candid Wedding Photos
Candid Wedding Photos

Different angles of your couples portraits

When it comes to couples portraits, I always bring my second photographer with me. If I am taking a photograph with a wide lens to get more of the scenery, I will ask my second photographer to take images from either a different angle or on a zoom lens so the couple are more prominant. You get the best of both worlds!

North Wales Wedding Photographer
North Wales Wedding Photographer

Good to know

Now I can’t say the same for all photographers, but if a couple asks me about a second shooter, but I will only use someone who I trust and have worked with before. Ideally a North Wales wedding photographer as they usally also know the venues I’m booked at. A second shooter again, would usually have to be booked through the photographer. It is unlikely your photographer would be willing to work with someone you have drafted in yourself. 

So if you are thinking about adding a second photographer to one of your packages, and you have booked me then head over to my contact page and we can have a chat.