Bodelwyddan Castle Wedding Photography – Don’t Tell the Bride

I’ve been waiting months to write this blog, and now the show has finally been aired I can share all my highlights with you!

So…..I get a phone call from Adam (the groom)… “Hi Rich, I’m currently planning my wedding for 3 weeks time for a reality TV show called Don’t Tell the Bride. Are you available?” I had no hesitation in saying Yes to this and was mega excited when Adam had told me his plans.

For those of you who have never seen the show, basically the bride and groom can’t see each other for 3 weeks and the groom is given £12,000 to entirely plan the wedding in a 3 week period. Everything from the venue to the brides dress!!!

The background: Adam is a huge car fan, and from what I understand his Volkswagen Golf convertible is his 2nd love, only to be topped by Victoria (the bride)….So to combine the two loves of his life, Adam had arranged for his ceremony to be in the back of his own car, at a Volkswagen car show being held at Bodelwyddan Castle. I can only imagine what Victoria’s thoughts may have been, to be driven up to the stunning setting of Bodelwyddan Castle……only to drive straight through them, and into a field where the show was in full swing with thousands of onlookers.

The day as it happened: I was instructed to go to the Premier Inn, Heswall to photograph Victoria’s hair and make-up preparations. Adam had specifically arranged the Premier Inn, some miles away from the venue so Victoria would not be suspicious as to what was about to happen. Once ready, Victoria was quickly whisked away by a vintage VW Camper Van en route to the Castle. Once at the castle entrance, Victoria clapped eyes on Adam’s VW Golf convertible and was advised she had to sit in the back of it and be driven in to meet her groom.

Victoria was escorted by her bridesmaids walking in front of Adam’s car whilst an Elvis impersonator (Elvin Priestly) serenaded the procession, to then be greeted by her man who she hadn’t seen for 3 weeks! The pictures clearly show how much Adam and Victoria missed each other! Adam joined Victoria in the back of his car, and Elvis began the ceremony.

Following the ceremony, it was then off to Bachwen Farm in Conwy for the reception. As you may have seen on the show, Adam had kitted out the venue with various VW parts he bought on the lead up to the big day. The weather was slightly disappointing in Conwy, with blustery winds and grey skies but the entertainment and refreshments Adam had booked meant no one was even noticing the weather! He had thought of everything from a VW photobooth, a VW bouncy castle and even a VW bar! Adam had booked Rocksalt to play at the wedding, and they had everyone up on their feet for the whole night with some great music.

The day was busy to say the least! There were various TV folk rushing around, conducting interviews and filming for the entire day, but we did manage to squeeze in a few formal pictures whilst the TV folk were having their lunch, and we even managed to slip away to do a few bride and groom portraits.

On a personal note: I think Adam planned the perfect wedding for him and Victoria. It was an absolute pleasure to be involved in the day and here are my highlights! I hope you enjoyed the show! 🙂

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